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Print Responsibly

Print Responsibly

Print Responsibly 

What is Print Responsibly?

Print Responsibly is a, cost effective, sustainable, and centralized way to print and scan documents. Ohio University is partnering with Bowling Green State University (BGSU) on the current BGSU contract with ComDoc Inc. Over time, OHIO will discontinue ownership and leases of non-specialized printers, copiers, scanners, or fax machines. OHIO will not be responsible for the purchase and replacement of toner cartridges or other materials used in the devices or pay maintenance costs. Instead, OHIO will contract with ComDoc to pay a per page price for printing, copying, scanning, and, in some cases, faxing services.


  • Reduce overall printing costs (including the cost of equipment, consumables, energy and service)
  • Reduce the sustainable footprint and redundancy of equipment (copier, printer, fax, scanner) as needed
  • Improve office functionality and productivity by deploying more multifunction devices (MFD) that offer more features and functionality to clients
  • Reduce waste by associating a cost with each page printed making end users more aware of how much they are consuming
  • Streamline the "back of the house" administrative overhead (order, pay, track)
  • Develop dynamic reporting
  • Enhance the level of service

"Before ComDoc arrived, our document situation really struggled. Failing printers and spiraling costs plagued us. Now, we feature printers with a much wider range of options. Faculty and staff love the tremendous scanning features. Students now have much greater control over what and where they choose to print. In the first three weeks of Winter quarter, student paper consumption dropped by an average of 62%. Plus, ComDoc does all of our printer maintenance, alleviating us from such a notoriously time-consuming duty." - Adam Yulish, Technician in Copeland Hall, College of Business

Print Responsibly is a registered trademark of ComDoc Inc.