Part-time and Overload Appointments

Part-time and Overload Appointments

Part-time and overload appointments should be entered through the Employee Management System (EMS). There are two exceptions: New employees/rehires and overload appointments for employees who will exceed the 25% maximum.

New Employees and Rehires

New employees and rehires (ex-employees) must complete the forms listed on the Part-time Administrator and Faculty New Hire Checklist. The appointments for these employees can be entered through EMS after the employee has been hired into Oracle or a Part-time/Overload Appointment Form (paper contract) can be used.

Full Time Equivalency (FTE)

If you enter a faculty appointment through EMS, the FTE field will be populated by EMS. If you are entering an administrative or non-teaching appointment in EMS or a completing a paper appointment form, you will need to populate the FTE yourself. Please use the following charts and information to help complete the FTE field: for faculty appointments use the Academic FTE Chart; for administrative and non-teaching appointments use the Administrative/Non-teaching Calculations.

Object Codes

When entering the account number please use one of the following object codes.

119100 thru 125000

For a description of the object codes go to the Ohio University Natural Account Lookup website.

Overload Contracts

Overload contracts should be entered using EMS; however, any contract that will cause the employee to exceed the 25% maximum must be submitted using a paper contract. The Associate Provost for Academic Affairs website contains information concerning Overload Policy and the Overload Request Form.