Ohio University

Holiday Expenditures

Published: 12/01/2017

Ohio University is committed to the responsible use of public funds and as such is providing guidance on some holiday expenditures as follows:


PARTIES: Holiday parties and other office celebratory meals cannot be paid for with University or Foundation funds. If departments choose to host a carry-in “pot luck” meal on campus they must comply with University Policy 47.010 – On-Campus Temporary Food Practices.

GIFTS: Holiday gifts cannot be purchased with University or Foundation funds unless the Vice President for University Advancement approves an exception for development purposes in writing. Any gift approved as an exception must be paid for with Foundation funds and comply with IRS guidelines.

CARDS: The use of e-cards is encouraged in order to promote the University’s sustainability efforts as well as reduce costs. University funds cannot be used to purchase holiday cards. Foundation funds can be used only if the cards are being sent to individuals or entities external to Ohio University, who have a business relationship to the University (including donors and prospective donors). To further reduce costs, departments should coordinate plans to send cards with University Advancement so that these efforts are aligned with ongoing development activities.

DECORATIONS: Decorations cannot be purchased with either University or Foundation funds. If decorations are displayed in public areas they should be secular in nature. Please refer to University Policy 42.501 – Decorations in University Buildings for guidance on the safe and appropriate use of decorations.

Questions? Please contact Kris Sano at sanok@ohio.edu.