Equipment Inventory

The Equipment Inventory office is responsible for tagging and control reporting of all university movable equipment, purchased for Ohio University. This includes the five regional campuses and various regional teaching sites across Ohio. Equipment must meet the following criteria:

  1. Must be moveable and not permanently affixed;
  2. Have a cost of $5,000 or greater when purchased or be a gift with an appraised value of $5,000 or more;
  3. Have a useful life of one year or more and be nonexpendable.

At no time can a University department or office discard a University asset without proper authorization; nor can a University asset be given or donated to any individual, Private Corporation or Non-Profit Organization.

Direct questions concerning equipment inventory to

Procedures for OU Policy & Procedure
19.054: Equipment Inventory Control

I.  Receipt of New Equipment

1.When received directly in the using department from the supplier, the Equipment Inventory Office will locate and tag the equipment.

2.Equipment received as gifts through the Ohio University Foundation (OUF) are to be tagged with the assistance of the recipient's department contact. The necessary information required for the inventory records will be determined by OUF and the department.

II.  Equipment Records Maintained by the Finance Division

1.The tag number assigned to a piece of equipment serves as the central mechanism for establishing a unit record in the inventory control system.

2.Each record will contain information on the item including:
     * Description
     * Serial or manufacturer identification number
     * Original cost
     * Purchase order number (if applicable)
     * Acquisition date
     * Disposition date
     * Category
     * Department to which equipment is assigned
     * Person to whom the equipment is assigned
     * Location:  Building and room


3.At least three times each year equipment inventory e-mails will be sent to the department contact that explains the process to verify equipment (see subsection IV below).


III.  Departments Reporting Changes in Status of Equipment

1.All equipment that is transferred, stolen, scrapped, traded in, etc., must be reported to the Equipment Inventory Office by the department that was accountable for the equipment. Form EI-8 (Equipment Status Change) is to be used for this purpose and is available in the Equipment Inventory Office, or online. Status changes are to be reported as they occur.

2.All equipment that is disposed of is to be sent to the Moving and Surplus Department (a division of Campus Services in Facilities), unless it is scrap, in which case it is to go to the Recycling and Refuse Department (a division of Facilities). An EI-8 form is to be filled out by the department accountable for the inventory, and this form must be sent to the Equipment Inventory Office to allow the disposed-of items to be removed from the inventory listing.

3.Equipment owned by the University may be removed from campus only with the permission of the department head. Equipment taken off campus must be under the supervision of an employee of the University. Form EI-9 (Request to Take Equipment Off Campus) must be filled out and a copy sent to the Equipment Inventory Office prior to taking equipment off campus, and again when the equipment is returned.

IV. Biennium Inventory Conducted by Departments

Every two years the Equipment Inventory Office will send an e-mail to each department contact advising on the process for auditing equipment.This will occur, as soon as possible after March 31 or September 30. The list is to be verified by the department and all corrections reported to the Equipment Inventory Office on Form EI-8. The certification accompanying the e-mail must be signed by the department head and returned with the list of changes.

V.  Audits

Equipment inventories will be periodically audited by both State auditors and University accounting personnel. Therefore, it is imperative that all transactions affecting movable equipment be properly recorded.


The following forms are specific to this policy:

1.Form EI-8, Equipment Status Change, is available in the Equipment Inventory Office, or online at

2.Form EI-9, Request to Take Equipment Off Campus, is available in the Equipment Inventory Office, or online at

Please send forms and questions to  The Equipment Inventory Office is located in WUSOC 218.