Ohio and Federal Withholding Forms

W-4 and Form IT-4 (Withholding Forms)

IT-4 Instructions (Ohio)

W-4 Instructions and Worksheet  (Federal)

Reciprocity Agreement (Not needed for Ohio residents)

Nonresident Aliens

On the W-4, nonresident aliens must write "Nonresident Alien" or "NRA" above the dotted line on line 6. Also, new Ohio University employees who are nonresident aliens should complete the Glacier questionnaire to determine their tax status. To gain access to the Glacier software, you must complete the New Employee Tax Compliance Notification form and send it to the Employment Tax Accountant, HRTC 216. You will receive a password and instructions on how to access Glacier via an email. The Glacier software will provide the appropriate tax forms.

Reciprocity Agreement

If you reside in Kentucky or West Virginia, complete the tax withholding forms for that state and a reciprocity agreement form. The link for these forms is located above and below the Ohio withholding forms link.

If you reside in Indiana, Michigan or Pennsylvania and you do not want Ohio taxes withheld, you must complete the Reciprocity Agreement form. Do not complete the IT-4 Ohio Department of Taxation form located at the bottom of the page. Write "See Reciprocity Agreement" across the top of the IT-4 form. Send the completed W-4 and reciprocity forms to the payroll department (HRTC 221).  

If you reside in any state other than Kentucky, West Virginia, Indiana, Michigan or Pennsylvania, you must pay Ohio income tax.