Controller Forms



Accounting Correction/Journal Entry

Use this form to correct non-payroll expenses already posted to the General Ledger. For Payroll corrections, see the Payroll Expense Accounting Correction Form

Budget Transfer


Deposit Form - OU

To be used for multiple accounts EXCEPT Student Organizations and Foundation Accounts


Deposit Transmittal - OU Foundation

Use with OU Foundation Accounts only


Equipment Status Change Form

Use this form to report equipment that is transferred, stolen, scrapped, traded in, etc.

Entertainment Expense (EE1)


Fund Raising Clearance / Approval Form

Use this form before any Fundraising activity.

Internal Billing Authorization

Use this form to charge another department for goods or services provided to them, by your department.

Internal Loan Request


New Account / Account Maintenance

Form can be used to add, change, or inactivate an account or combination for University Unrestricted and Auxiliary accounts only.

Petty Cash/Change Fund

Use this form to set up a new fund, update fund officers, and/ or increase or decrease a fund.

Petty Cash Voucher Form


Purchasing Grid


Request to Take Equipment off Campus Form

Use this form to authroize taking tagged equiment off of campus.

Report Distribution Maintenance Revisions Form

Use this form to add or remove FMS Report Distribution responsibilities for established organizations and projects.

Research Subject Advance Request Form

Research Subject Advance SOP 
W-9 (Ohio University as supplier / payee) Form to be submitted to other organizations when Ohio University is the supplier/payee.