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A list of basic requirements for University construction and repair work for those interested in our bid opportunities is available on our Contractor Checklist. With those requirements in mind, most of our construction projects will be listed with the Ohio Facilities Construction Commission (OFCC). Once on their opportunities page, our listings can be found by navigating to the Qualifications-based RFQs or Best Value Selection RFQs/RFPs tab and searching for "Ohio University."

Projects with a shorter time frame will have their solicitations listed below. Please check regularly for new opportunities.

Current Solicitations
Bid Number Project Name and Details (PDF) Bid Date
Bid Tabulations
Bid Number Project Name and Details (PDF) Bid Date Apparent Low Bidder Contract Awarded to
16893-001  Porter Hall Elevator 2020 01/27/2021 WAI Construction Group, LLC WAI Construction Group, LLC
16082-001 OUE Health & Physical Education Center Roof 01/19/2021 Ramp Construction Company, INC  
REBID 15446-002
OU Alden Library Air handler Replacement Upgrades
Athens County, Ohio
11/17/2020 Sauer Group, Inc Unsuccessful Bid
16976 Alden Chilled Water Tie-In 2020 11/17/2020 Geiger Brother, Inc Geiger Brother, Inc
17417-001 OU Ridges Building 13 + 14 CoFA 3rd Floor Paint Athens County - Athens, Ohio 10/22/2020 Gutknecht Construction Co. Gutknecht Construction Co.
16055-001 Innovation Center Infrastructure Upgrades 2019 9/29/2020 Gutknecht Construction Co.

Gutknecht Construction Co.

16984 Grover Center Roof Replacement 2020 08/27/2020

Harold J Becker Company, Inc

Harold J Becker Company, Inc
REBID 16768-002 Scripps Hall Gound Floor Esports Renovation 2020 08/13/2020 2K General Company 2K General Company
16457-001 OUD Medical Education Building 2 Renovation 2020 07/28/2020 2K General Company Pepper Construction
14809-045 Ridges Chilled Water Plant Cooling Towers Replacement 2018 01/09/2019 Sauer Group, Inc Sauer Group, Inc
14609-046 The Ridges Buildings 13,14,& 18 Renovation 01/15/2019 Barton Malow
Barton Malow
14868-044 REBID - Facility Site Improvements 01/23/2019 Gutknecht Construction Gutknecht Construction
14355-047 OUC Academic Success Center 02/05/2019 2K General Company 2K General Company
14443-048 Lancaster Campus Brasee Hall Roof Replacement 02/05/2019 Carl T Johnson Co., Inc Carl T Johnson Co., Inc
14868-050 Facility Site Improvements - Phase 2 02/12/2019 Gutknecht Construction
Gutknecht Construction
14585-051 Chilled Water Plant 3 - Utility Distribution 02/19/2019 McDaniels Construction McDaniels Construction
14554-049 Convocation Center 3rd Floor Residential Restrooms 02/20/2019 United Construction Company United Construction Company
15220-052 Ryors Hall Lobby Renovation 2019 02/26/2019 WAI Construction Group WAI Construction Group
14773-054 Campus Steam System Repairs 2019 03/12/2019 Geiger Brothers Geiger Brothers
13962-053 Chubb Hall / Sing Tao Roofs 03/12/2019 General Restoration Corp.
General Restoration Corp.
14976-058 Convocation  Center Concrete Repairs 04/02/2019 Gutknecht Construction
Gutknecht Construction
14197-055 REBID Chilled Water Plant #3 Facility 04/12/2019 Elford, Inc
Elford, Inc
14562-059 Kantner Hall Structural Masonry Work 04/17/2019 Buckeye Construction & Restoration, Ltd.
Buckeye Construction & Restoration, Ltd.
14635-061 OU – Child Development Center HVAC Controls Upgrade 2018 04/30/2019 Limbach Company, LLC Limbach Company, LLC
14895-060 OUZ Herrold Hall Renovation Phase 2 04/30/2019 Paul Construction Unsuccessful Bid
14672-065 Ridges Parking Lot, Site Improvements and Building 20 Demolition   05/14/2019 Barton Malow
Barton Malow
14873-057 REBID Konneker Alumni Center 05/17/2019 WAI Construction Group Unsuccessful Bid
14169-066 HCOM Utilities Phase 1 - BP3 Utility Connections 05/21/2019 York Paving York Paving
15653-063 REBID  Sargent Hall HVAC Upgrades 2019 05/28/2019 Sauer Group, Inc Sauer Group, Inc
14813-067 Ridges Circle Roadway Repair 06/04/2019 D.V. Weber Construction
D.V. Weber Construction
14225-070 Lindley Hall Roof Replacement 06/11/2019 Carl T Johnson Co., Inc
Carl T Johnson Co., Inc
14874-069 29 Park Place and Carriage House Renovation and ADA Improvements 06/18/2019 Foremost Management Inc. Unsuccessful Bid
15565-068 OUL Campus Infrastructure Improvements 06/13/2019 Newcomer Concrete Services, Inc Gutknecht Construction
14855-062 REBID  Athens Campus ADA Door Electronic Control Conversion 07/16/2019 City Construction Company City Construction Company
15217-071 Ridges Building  33 Roof Replacement 2019 07/30/2019 K & W Roofing K & W Roofing
15833-072 Ridges Utilities Decentralization and Site Prep 08/13/2019 Barton Malow Barton Malow
15567-073 Ridges Building 37 Improvements – Roof Repair 2018 08/13/2019 E. Lee Construction Inc. N.F. Mansuetto & Sons Inc
15944 Parking lot 143 Maintenance & Repairs 2019 08/13/2019 D.V. Weber Construction Inc. D.V. Weber Construction Inc.
14874-074 29 Park Place and Carriage House Renovation and ADA Improvements 10/08/2019 Gutknecht Construction Gutknecht Construction
15562-075 OUS Campus HVAC and Energy Efficiency Improvements Phase III 12/06/2019 Mechanical Construction Co. Unsuccessful Bid
14873-078 Konneker Alumni Center ADA Addition and Renovation 12/10/2019 Gutknecht Construction Gutknecht Construction
15751-076 Trisolini House Renovation for Auxiliaries 2019 12/12/2019 Rezod LLC Rezod LLC
14542-077 OU Konneker Research Ridges 25 HVAC and Boiler System Upgrades 12/17/2019 Sauer Group Unsuccessful Bid
14895-079 Herrold Hall Infrastructure and Interior Improvements 12/30/2019 WITHDRAWN  
16057-080 Copeland Hall Elevator Update 2019 1/14/2020 2K General Company Unsuccessful Bid
15534-081 OUS Parking Lot and Site Improvements 1/14/2020 LR Chapman Paving Inc LR Chapman Paving Inc
16145-083 Campus Steam Repair 2020 1/22/2020 Sauer Group Inc. Sauer Group Inc.
14585-082 Chilled Water Plant 3-Utility Distribution 1/28/2020 Geiger Brothers Geiger Brothers
REBID 16057-080 Copeland Hall Elevator Update 2019 02/14/2020 2K General Company 2K General Company
REBID 15562-075 OUS Campus HVAC and Energy Efficiency Improvements Phase III  02/19/2020 Mechanical Construction Co. Mechanical Construction Co.
16168-001 Stocker Roof Replacement 2019 03/11/2020 NR Lee Restoration NR Lee Restoration
15793-001 Bennett Hall Elevator Replacement 03/17/2020 2K General Company 2K General Company
14258-001 Gamertsfelder Bath/ HVAC Upgrades 03/18/2020 WAI Construction Group Unsuccessful Bid
16378-001 Washington Hall Make Up Air & Chilled Water 03/24/2020 Sauer Group Inc.  
14895-002 OUZ-HERROLD HALL RENOVATION –PHASE 2 03/24/2020 Robertson Construction Services, Inc. Robertson Construction Services, Inc.
16389 James Hall HVAC Renovation 03/26/2020 No Bidders No Bidders
16169-001 Morton Chilled Water Connection 04/09/2020 McDaniels Construction McDaniels Construction
14444-002 OUL Pickerington Center Buildings 1 and 2 Roof Replacement 2018 04/13/2020 Master Renovations Master Renovations
15488-001  HRTC Repurpose for HCOM 2019 04/23/2020 Elford, Inc Elford, Inc
16768-001 Scripps Hall Ground Floor Esports Renovation 2020 05/06/2020 R. W. Setterlin Unsuccessful Bid
15536-002 OUS Security and Accessibility Improvements 2019 05/07/2020 Mechanical Construction Unsuccessful Bid
15446-001 OU Alden Library Air Handler Replacement Upgrades 05/13/2020 Geiger Brothers Unsuccessful Bid
16480-001 OUL HVAC and Energy Efficiency Improvements Phase I 05/15/2020 Cline Mechanical  
16794-001 University Terrace Realignment 2020 06/02/2020 George J. Igel & Co., Inc.  
16803-001 Ridges Circle Roadway Repair 2020 06/04/2020 York Paving  
16478-001 OUC Stevenson Center Roof Replacement 2020 06/17/2020 K & W Roofing  
15536-003 OUS Security and Accessibility Improvements 2019 06/18/2020 City Construction  
16479-001 OUC Bennett Hall and Stevenson Center Exterior Repairs/Improvements 2020 07/07/2020 R. W. Setterlin