Referral Offices

Athens Campus

Office of the Bursar 740.593.4130
All questions concerning payments, unpaid balances, monthly payment plan, student account refunds, short term loans, and sponsored students.

Office of Student Financial Aid 740.593.4141 
All matters relating to scholarships, grants, loans, and work study.

Office of the Registrar 740.593.4191
All matters relating to registration materials, the assessment, or refund of such fees.

Housing Office 740.593.4090
All matters relating to room, board, married student housing, garage rental, assignments, Bobcat Cash, etc.

Residence Life Students should call the appropriate green if there are questions regarding a room condition assessment.
East Green 740.597.9968 
South Green 740.597.7468 
West Green 740.597.5956

University Human Resources 740.593.1651 
All matters relating to employee educational benefits.

Graduate Student Services 740.593.2800 
All questions relating to graduate students and graduate contracts.

Parking Services 740.593.1917 
All matters relating to Parking Violations.

International Students Advisors 740.593.4330 
All matters relating to international students.

Athletics Department 740.593.1176 
All matters relating to athletic scholarships.

Center for Student Legal Services 740.594.8093

University College 740.593.1935 All questions relating to new undergraduate students.

Service Desk – 740.593.1222
All questions concerning Computer Lab Printing Fees. Detail of charges can be found at

Ohio University Switchboard 740.593.1000

Regional Campuses

Regional campus students should call the appropriate student services office for assistance.

Chillicothe 740.774.7200
Eastern 740.695.1720 
Lancaster 740.654.6711
Southern 740.533.4600 
Zanesville 740.453.0762