The Bursar eMarket service provides­ campus departments an easy way to create web storefronts where customers can select and pay for items in that store's catalog.­The eMarket service includes advanced Storefront and Checkout solutions that can be used independently or together, allowing various campus-wide departments to seamlessly accept and authorize payments.­ At checkout, the user will click "pay here" and the transaction will be transmitted to the credit card processor.­ Merchant fees associated with the credit card processing will be charged to the department.­ These fees are normally 2.1-2.5% of the eMarket sales.

eMarket Storefront

eMarket Storefront solution is a user-friendly template with text, drop down and radio button options for campus departments that do not have a storefront but would like to accept payments.

eMarket Checkout

eMarket Checkout solution interfaces with existing department­web sites­that do not have a shopping cart/payment page feature to check out.

eMarket Request Form - Request a new site or submit updates or changes for an existing site.

eMarket Text/Image Placement Example (please review prior to completing a request)

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