Frequently Asked Questions

This page is currently under development. Additional FAQ's will continued to be added.

Where can I view my charges and due dates?
Login into  Click on the Accounts tab, and then view My OHIO Student Center.  Your Account Summary will show the total amount due.  You can choose the Account Inquiry link to view details on your account.

Where can I view my past eBills?
Login into Click on the Accounts tab, and then view My OHIO Student Center. Click the Make a Payment link in the Finances Section. This will enable you to view your past eBills.

How can I setup an authorized user on My OHIO Student Financials?
In your My OHIO Student Center, there is an option of "Sign Up Authorized User" under the Finances section. Click here for detailed instructions.

Why can’t log on to my portal?
If you are having problems logging in to the portal, contact the OIT Service Desk at 740.593.1222.

Where can I get an itemized statement for my employer, sponsor or scholarship agency?
Login into My OHIO Student Center. In the Finances sections, choose the Account Itemization link. You can view and print your account activity by term with enrollment. This option is also available in the Authorized User Access. Click here for detailed information.

What is my account balance?
Login into  Click on the Accounts tab, then view My OHIO Student Center.  You can view your amount owed in the Account Summary of your Student Center.  Detailed account information can be viewed by choosing the Account Inquiry link.

Are employee fee waivers reflected on My Ohio Student Center?
If you have completed and submitted your Educational Benefits Form, your waiver will appear on your account activity.

Where can I find information on Bobcat Cash?
Information on Bobcat Cash can be found at