Budget Planning & Analysis Staff


Chad Mitchell, Chief of Staff-VPFA, 740-593-2742

Central Budget Office
Katie Hensel, Budget Director, 740-597-3218
Kayla Righter, Assistant Director, 740-593-0242
Robert Kissel, Budget Analyst II, 740-593-9553
Brooke Miller, Budget Analyst II, 740-593-1888
Rachel Patrick, Budget Analyst II, 740-597-2317
Robert "Bo" Richardson, Data & Reporting Analyst, 740-593-1622

VPFA Business Service Center
Tina Payne, VPFA Chief Finance & Administrative Officer, 740-597-1704
April Butterworth, Employment Coordinator, 740-597-3120
Mindy Colburn, Senior Budget Analyst, 740-597-3269
Heather Gould, Administrative Services Associate, 740-597-1564
Moriah Hudspeth, Senior Budget Analyst, 740-593-1887
Marjorie Mora, Budget Analyst II, 740-566-0421
Anita Morrissey, Accounting Support Senior Specialist, 740-593-0149
Jennifer Reed, Budget Analyst II, 740-593-1880
Cindy Sharpe, Administrative Associate, 740-593-0156

OHIO Ready Staff (link)

Budget Planning Email
Budget Office Fax:  740-593-0146

BPA Planning Unit Contact List

Other Budget/Finance Contacts on Campus
Associate Provost - Academic Budget & Planning
Planning Unit Finance Contacts

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