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Oracle Business Intelligence (OBI) is a web-based reporting system used to support the campus community’s academic and administrative offices.


OBI and Funds Available View

Both OBI Financial Reports and Funds Available View (FAV) are reporting tools that utilize Ohio University's general ledger data. 

  • Funds Available View contains live data while the OBI Published Financial Reports contain data as of all jobs processed the night before. 
  • Funds Available View contains subledger detail (e.g. journal entries) while OBI currently does not. 
  • Funds Available View contains data from 2003-current while OBI only contains 5 years of data.



To access OBI, login with your OHIO ID and password: https://obiprd.oit.ohio.edu

To request access to a specific OBI resource, please contact one of the designated administrators of the appropriate office as outlined here.



Blackboard Training
Training about OBI, the chart of accounts hierarchy, Financial Report options, and general navigation is available through Blackboard at: https://blackboard.ohio.edu/

Please find instructions for logging into Blackboard and accessing the training material here.  If you are unable to view the OBI course once logged into Blackboard please contact Kari Saunier or Carrie Horvath.

Financial Reporting
      - RCM YTD Income Statement Users Guide
      - Financial Forecasting Process Documentation

OBI Tips and Tricks (General)
     - Exporting a Report to Excel or CSV (used for Pivoting within Excel)
     - Search within OBI Report Prompt(s)

Additional OBI information and training materials can be found on:
     - The OHIO Information Technology OBI page 
     - Saved to the bpa shared drive under the "Budget Training Materials" folder.


OBI Financial Report Changes

Significant changes to OBI Financial Reports and our hierarchy will be updated below. 

10/7/15:  Moved match activity from Operating to Internally Restricted; logic is such that if activity occurs in an Operating Fund (as defined at Fund Level 2) and the Project begins with a G or UE, it is now categorized as "Internally Restricted"

9/10/15:  Created new Natural Account Level 5 categories for Benefits, including:  Retirement, Workers Comp, Medicare, Healthcare, Employee Fee Waivers, Benefits-Other