Budget Development Tools

These resources are intended for individuals involved in the current year detailed budget development. ­

If you are interested in learning more about the general budget process and related resources, please view the “Budget Basics” section of our website.



FY18 Budget Timeline

Key Upcoming Dates:

Budget Packet Submissions:

Group A - 6/9/2017
Group B - 6/16/2017
Group C - 6/23/2017


Spring Budget Update - Sent 1/31/2017

Schedules and Guidance:

FY18 Budget Manual
FY18 Planning Assumptions
FY18 Detailed Guidance
PACE & Workstudy Example

Templates and Tools:

THE Budget Sheet - FY18 Version
Budget Packet - FY18 Version - Final Version - Currently saved to bpa/Budget_Training_Materials/FY18 folder
     -We are currently working with OIT to have this available from the website
TBS vs BP Reconciliation - FY18 Version - Versions saved in individual unit bpa drives
TBS vs BP Reconciliation Guidance

Supplementary Materials

1 - Budget Narrative
3 - Explanation of Investment Requests 
4 - Explanation of Transfers
5 - Explanation of Salary Changes  - saved to bpa/Budget_Training_Materials/FY18 folder
6 - Graduate Enrollment


Allocated Cost Model - Published 4/24/2017 - saved to bpa/Budget_Training_Materials/FY18 folder
Capital Cost Allocation Model - Published 4/24/2017 - saved to bpa/Budget_Training_Materials/FY18 folder
SSI/Tuition/SFA Distribution Model - 
Published 4/24/2017 - saved to bpa/Budget_Training_Materials/FY18 folder

Other Resources

FY17 Journal Entry Schedule

Budget Transfers Guidance

Budget Planning & Analysis has completed its review of the budget transfer process under the RCM model and offers the following guidance related to budget transfers:

  • Impacts Year-to-Date (YTD) Budget
  • Guidelines for processing are more flexible:
    • There must be sufficient budget in the cost center(s) to be reduced.
    • Budget transfers will be permitted within the same planning unit (as defined at ORG Level 2 in the Chart of Accounts Hierarchy).
    • Budget transfers will not be permitted across different planning units; exception for reorganizations.
    • Budget transfers cannot cross Fund Type and Fund Relationships.
    • Exceptions to General Accounting’s Natural Account rules may be allowed, for example a Credit to NA 988600 and a Debit to Supplies and Services Natural Accounts.
    • A budget transfer can be used to load additional revenue and expenses if more revenue is earned during the year than anticipated.
  • Submission Process
    • Budget transfers should be reviewed and submitted through a planning unit’s FMG or CFAO to BPA.
    • Email completed budget transfers to budgetplanning@ohio.edu
    • Budget Planning & Analysis will process budget transfers in approximately one week of receiving them.