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P2P Partner Group


  • Develop solutions to improve policies, processes, and communications between planning units and the Purchasing and Payments department of the Division of Finance
  • Gather feedback, review recommendations, and assist in the prioritization of issues related to university operations centered on purchasing and payments, including contract and insurance services, travel, PCard, and suppliers

FY19 Goals

  • Review and update University purchasing policies, specifically travel and PCard policies, to align with best practices as well as state and federal regulations
  • Advise and provide feedback on the development of training and communication strategies for university staff on PCard and travel processes under updated policy and processes


Representative Appointed From Planning Unit
Kelly Broughton RC Strategy University Libraries
Julie Allison Finance Division of Finance and Administration

E-mail the Co-chairs

Committee members were selected by co-chairs and the RC Strategy group.

Membership List
Planning Unit or Department Representative
Accounts Payable Sue Jago
College of Health Sciences and Professions Beth Tragert
Culinary Services

Erin Robb

Heritage College of Osteopathic Medicine Kelly Coates
Office of Global Affairs Diane Cahill
Physics and Astronomy David Ingram
Physics and Astronomy Wayne Chiasson
Procurement Services Diana McGrew
Regional Campuses Kim Hayden
Research and Sponsored Programs Keith Leffler
Russ College of Engineering Becky MacCombs
Scripps College of Communication Emily Chapman