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Accounting and Reporting


The Accounting and Reporting Partner Group is charged with reviewing processes, tools, documentation/training and work collaboratively to improve the efficiency and quality of our accounting practices and controls. The initial scope of this Partner Group will also develop specifications for improved financial reporting from the General Ledger, Grants, Payroll, Receivables and Cash Management.

The table below describes what is and what is not included in the scope of this group:

Included Not Included
General Ledger/Budget General HR (i.e., Demographic), Position Management, Compensation, Other Payroll reporting (i.e., ICD, Absences)
Grants Module AP and Purchasing
Payroll (Costing data) PeopleSoft/Student Data
Receivables and Cash Management OGA
  Institutional Research Data

FY18 Accomplishments

  • Identified and prioritized needs for OBI reporting
  • Single column for more dynamic Funds Available View searching by chart of accounts segment
  • Modification to Funds Available View drill-downs to include function

FY19 Goals

  • Vetting and supporting the integration of budget into the dashboard reports
  • Mocking up/ screenshots of what we would like to have implemented
  • Testing improvements prior to roll outs, especially related to group suggestions
  • Support new chart of accounts and accounting considerations
  • Develop tricks and tips for various tabs within OBI reports


Representative Appointed From Planning Unit
Kari Saunier RC Strategy College of Fine Arts
Kris Sano Finance and Administration General Accounting

E-mail the Co-chairs

Committee members were selected by co-chairs and the RC Strategy group.

Membership List
Planning Unit or Department Representative
College of Arts and Sciences Diane Lucas
College of Business Jessica Creamer
Division of Student Affairs Tim Epley
Finance and Administration Business Service Center Moriah Hudspeth
Heritage College of Osteopathic Medicine Kelly Coates
The Patton College of Education Beth Lydic
Regional Campuses Kim Hayden
Russ College of Engineering Becky Maccombs
Scripps College of Communication Emily Chapman
University Advancement Bo Richardson
Voinovich School of Leadership and Public Service Gina Johntony
Provost's Office Mary Brown