UCC Forms and Guidelines



OCEAN 2.0 Training Materials: https://ohio.box.com/v/OCEAN2-Training

Top Reasons for Course Returns: List

General Principles for Expedited Course Change Approval word pdf

Cross-Listed Courses: Guidelines

Junior Composition Courses: Guidelines

Tier 1 Junior Composition Equivalency (JE) Courses: Guidelines

Policy on Tier Substitutions: PDF

Experimental Course Form: Word

Temporary Course Form: PDF

Learning Objectives and Outcomes for General Education Courses: Guidelines

Publishing Course Outcome Goals (approved October 17, 2017): Word

Undergraduate Course Outcome Goals listing as of Summer 2017: Excel


Making Changes to Existing Programs

  1. Generate a PDF of the current program from the appropiate Catalog.
  2. Complete the Proposal for Changes in Program form and save as a PDF file.
  3. Email Mike Whitnable (whitnabl@ohio.edu) in the Registrar's office to send back the program to make it available in OCEAN 1.9. The program will be available in your worklist. When the program is in edit mode, many items will be editable, but DO NOT CHANGE ANY ITEMS IN OCEAN!! Andy changes made in OCEAN will not be communicated to the catalog.
  4. Upload the current undergraduate program catalog PDF and the completed Proposal for Changes in Program form PDF under the relations tab, and submit.

Creating a New Semester Program

New programs can be initiated by contacting Mike Whitnable (whitnabl@ohio.edu) in the Registrar's office. A program form will be created in OCEAN 1.9 by the Registrar's office with a temporary program code.

Guidelines (see below) for new programs include questions to be addressed in the proposal. The program form should be completed in OCEAN 1.9

Review and Approval Levels

The review levels for programs are:

  • DSCC: Department/School Curriculum Committee (if required by college)
  • DCSD: Department Chair/School Director
  • CCC: College Curriculum Committee
  • CDEAN: College Dean
  • PC: Programs Committee
  • UCC: University Curriculum Committee


Programs Guidelines, Policies and Procedures (Approved 4/24/2018)



Self Study Requirements: PDF

Academic Program Review Process (approved 11-24-2015): word

Review of Centers and Institutes: Policy