Ohio University

RCM Liaisons

The Responsibility-Centered Management (RCM) liaisons work with his or her Dean to make sure that RCM information is getting from the Dean to faculty; that input about RCM decisions is getting from the faculty to the Dean; and that any concerns about RCM issues are being shared with the Finance and Facilities Committee (F&F) of Faculty Senate. The RCM liaison is not necessarily a regular member of F&F, but would attend any F&F committee meetings (about two per year) that are devoted to RCM issues.

Resolution establishing RCM liaisons [PDF]

College of Arts and Sciences

Kevin Uhalde

College of Business

Zeke Sarikas

Scripps College of Communication

Bill Reader

Patton College of Education

Gordon Brooks

Russ College of Engineering

Ben Stuart

College of Fine Arts

Alex Hibbitt

College of Health Sciences and Professions

Betty Sindelar

Heritage College of Osteopathic Medicine

Stevan Walkowski

Voinovich School

Ani Ruhil

Ohio University - Chillicothe

Nick Kiersey

Ohio University - Eastern

James Casebolt

Ohio University - Lancaster

Sandy Doty

Ohio University - Southern

Debbie Marinski

Ohio University - Zanesville

Jimmy Taylor, Sheida Shirvani