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Faculty Newsmakers Gala Main Image

The Ohio University community includes a network of communication and marketing specialists dedicated to elevating the University and showcasing its excellence. Key to those efforts are the many Ohio University faculty members who take time to engage with members of the media and, in doing so, generate media placements for the University. At University Communications and Marketing (UCM), we call those individuals “OHIO Faculty Newsmakers.”

A newsmaker is defined as a person, thing or event that is newsworthy – one whose actions generate headlines and affect the course of public discourse. At Ohio University, our faculty newsmakers are sharing their knowledge and expertise with media outlets throughout the world in an effort to comprehensively educate readers, viewers and listeners on topics that shape our cultural dialogue and form our collective history. They are making news for OHIO, drawing attention to the expertise of our faculty, to our stellar research efforts, and to our innovative ways of educating and engaging our students.

Seeking a forum that recognizes the above-and-beyond work OHIO faculty newsmakers do in promoting the University and its excellence, UCM developed a fall semester event that celebrates OHIO faculty newsmakers who made headlines during the previous calendar year. The Ohio University Faculty Newsmakers Gala debuted in the fall of 2015 and is hosted by UCM in partnership with the Office of the Executive Vice President and Provost.

Winners from 2016 Faculty Newsmakers Gala

Faculty Newsmaker Criteria

The Faculty Newsmakers Gala recognizes all of OHIO’s faculty newsmakers, defined as current employees who, regardless of their title or classification, teach at Ohio University and have been included in reports provided by Cision, a monitoring service used by UCM to track the University’s media placements. Faculty newsmakers may include tenured and non-tenured faculty, as well as administrators who serve as educators in OHIO’s classrooms. Many of OHIO’s faculty newsmakers take part in UCM’s Experts Directory, a searchable database that makes it easy for members of the media to find and connect with expert sources on a broad range of subjects.

All OHIO faculty newsmakers are invited to the gala, receive a certificate of recognition and are listed on the Faculty Newsmakers Gala webpage for that particular year.

Photograph of Keystroke Catalyst Award trophies

Keystroke Catalyst Award Criteria

Of the dozens of faculty newsmakers honored at each year’s Faculty Newsmakers Gala, at least 10 of those newsmakers receive special recognition at the gala. Those newsmakers are presented Keystroke Catalyst Awards.

Fashioned as a typewriter, the Keystroke Catalyst Awards underscore the wide-ranging impact a single person can have on enriching others across the region or even around the world.

Keystroke Catalyst Awards are presented to two groups of faculty newsmakers, including those who:

  • Earned the 10 most media placements in the previous calendar year, as determined by reports provided by Cision
  • Were quoted in media reports related to the Associated Press’ top 10 stories in the previous calendar year, also determined by reports provided by Cision

Keystroke Catalyst Award winners are announced during the Faculty Newsmakers Gala.

Whether a breaking news story that becomes one of the Associated Press’ top stories of the year or an analysis of a subject capturing the attention of academia or the greater world audience, OHIO’s faculty newsmakers are sought after and quoted in media all over the world.

For more information about OHIO's faculty newsmakers or the Faculty Newsmakers Gala, please contact UCM at 740-593-2200.