Ohio improved on its overall recycling performance this year over last year enabling it to dominate the MAC in 5 of 6 competitions that was participated in.

Strong contributions from Alden Library, OIT, and stepped up performances from many departments and student in the residence halls boosted Ohio’s recycling rate 4% this year over last. The numbers are tallied below and are also viewable at: and soon will also be on

Some of Ohio’s regional campuses also turned in impressive recycling performances this year. OU Southern’s Adam Riehl and student assistant, Joe O’Leary stated at the onset of RecycleMania that they were going to emphasize waste minimization this year that is, compete hard in reducing overall consumption.  They did this with gusto and actually ranked 8th in the country in this effort.

OU Lancaster also excelled in ranked 9th in the nation in per capita recycling and ranked 13th, 11th and 2nd three of the targeted per capita competitions as well.  These are impressive achievements by two or our regional campuses to note. Todd McCullough, a graduate student at OUL noted that he’s worked with the custodial staff and has gone through a lot of what was coming off of the campus to beef up what was going in recycling instead of trash disposal. 

OU Zanesville had the highest recycling amount at 14,262 lbs. of all the regionals from Ohio University, KSU or BGSU competing. Eastern also posted very competitive per capita scores for Paper at 2.09 lbs. per person and for Beverage Containers at 4.35 lbs. for paper.

Around Ohio there were 28 colleges and universities competing.

Stark State Community College had the highest rate of recycling at 68.04%.
Denison had the highest per capita recycling rate at 34.72% but also had the second highest or worst waste minimization rate at 90.22 lbs. per person.  OSU edged out Ohio by 12,000 lbs. for recycling the most in 8 weeks at 549,244 lbs.

Lastly, there was a new pilot recycling competition introduced this year for recycling of e-waste. Each of the 67 schools that participated was to pick a month’s worth of e-waste recovered and report the weights.

Ohio came in second behind Purdue of West Lafayette, Indiana with 58,508. See:

For complete MAC results, CLICK HERE

Ohio did well this year improving in both recycling and in waste minimization. Stay tuned for Game Day Challenge next fall when Ohio competes for the greatest recycling, waste minimization and composting at a football game. This last fall we recycled 82% at the Ohio vs. Temple game.