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Retail and Fashion Merchandising Florence, Italy Study Tour

Panoramic view of Florence, Italy


The Florence Retail Tour allows students to get an upclose view of the different aspects of the fashion industry. Set in one of the fashion capitals of the world, students will explore the Italian Apparel and Retail industries through interactions with employees, managers, and business professionals along with on-site visitation to apparel and retail companies in Florence, Italy.


Students travel to and stay in Florence, Italy for about 8 days (Sunday – Sunday). On Monday – Friday, students visit a variety of companies representing various aspects of the fashion industry as well as museums of historical significance. Students will also travel to Rome, Italy and have the option to travel to Venice.

Companies and museums that were scheduled for the last tour over Spring Break 2020:

  • Academia Museum
  • Scuolo di Cuoio
  • Stafano Bemer
  • Ferragamo Museum
  • Il Papiro
  • Vatican
  • Colisieum
  • Trevi Fountain
  • Spanish Steps
  • Angela Caputi
  • Gucci Museum
  • Gianfranco Lotti Boutique
  • Scandicci
  • Valentino Metal Labs
  • Gianfranco Lotti Factory/Headquarters
  • Sapaf Showroom and Factory
  •  Pitti Palace
  • Stefano Ricci 
  • COIN
  • Falsi



Spring Break

Academic Credit

RFM 3400: Retail Study Tour, 3 credit hours (Undergraduate)
RFM 5400: Retail Study Tour, 3 credit hours (Graduate)

Cost & Scholarship Availability

Associated costs are provided on the program webpage linked below. Scholarships available, financial aid may be applied.