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Biology Research Opportunities – Summer Turtle Field Research and Much More

Summer Turtle Field Research in Maryland students

Get Laboratory and Field Experience

Laboratory experience and fieldwork opportunities in ecology, neuroscience, microbiology, genetics, pathogens, paleontology and much more are available to biology students at OHIO. Some experiences take place in a traditional laboratory, but for many OHIO faculty, their “lab” might entail fieldwork in a forest or a stream.

Laboratory experience is highly valuable if you’re interested in attending professional or medical school. Research experience is essential if you’re planning to go to graduate school.

Study Diamondback Terrapins in Maryland

From mid-May until early August students join Dr. Willem Roosenburg in Maryland to study diamondback terrapin population dynamics. Students trap and catch turtles, locate turtle nests, and learn state of the art demographic data collection techniques. The field site is a large scale ecological restoration site where students also will learn and witness practical aspects of ecosystem restoration.



Fall, Spring, Summer

Academic Credit

Students can earn credit for Undergraduate Research or Senior Thesis courses.

Cost & Scholarship Availability

Students may be paid as part of the Program to Aid Career Exploration (PACE) program or can apply for a variety of student research awards.


Become part of a lab community

"My favorite part of doing research has been working with the other people in the Carroll Lab. They're an amazing group of people and make coming into work every day so fun.”


"I wanted to try to solve the mystery of this interesting result, and I had already been building my skills taking care of our human macrophage cells for the lab, and thus my thesis project was born!"


--Emily Marino


Emily Marino