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Guidelines for submitting artwork

Guidelines for art:

  • Artists must use a canvas provided by Event Services. Canvas' can be picked up in Baker University Center room 347. Please email wilkof@ohio.edu to check availability and to arrange a time to pick up canvas
  • No product, organization or business branding permitted
  • No portraits of specific people
  • Ohio University themed art is encouraged, but not required



  • Art will be selected at the sole discretion of Event Services and/or Baker Advisory Board
  • If a piece is not selected for the initial hang, Event Services reserves the right to retain the piece for future use
  • Art will remain hung indefinitely and will not be available for sales or return until such a time that Ohio University Event Services is ready to remove art
  • Ohio University is not responsible for damaged or lost pieces
  • Contact email, phone number and address will be required to obtain a canvas
  • Art must be returned to Baker 347 within 30 days from the time that canvas is acquired. Any individual that does not return a completed piece or a blank canvas will be billed $25.00 for the canvas
5 C's - Civility