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Aminah Robinson Art Installation
Scenes from Ohio artist Aminah Robinson’s life and times in Poindexter Village are permanently laid in the 1st Floor atrium.

Multicultural Center Art Gallery
2nd Floor, managed by the Multicultural Center, (740) 597-2110

Trisolini Gallery
4th Floor, managed by the School of Art, (740) 593-1814



Entertainment & Leisure

Billiards Area
1st Floor includes a billiards tables in an OU Bobcat themed lounge, a set in floor mosaic, and an open lounge area with cable TV and computer access (with OHIO ID).

2nd Floor, 250-person capacity theater space for music concerts, stage performances, movie screenings, large presentations, etc.

Front Room stage
4th Floor, stage area of The Front Room Coffeehouse which accommodates music concerts, movie screenings, small stage acts, etc.





Escalators & Elevators

Access to escalators available on the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th floors of Baker University Center. Used extensively as a quick connection from “upper” and “lower” campus.

Parking Garage
Access to an elevator is available between the parking garage to the 1st Floor

Main Facility
Access to elevators is available between the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th Floors.






Located on the 4th Floor adjacent to the Honors Collegium and on the 1st Floor just past the escalator on the right and both are operated by the Ohio University Credit Union.





Guest Services

Located on the 4th Floor just inside the entrance, the Guest Services desk is staffed with helpful student employees during all hours of operation to assist guests. They can also offer assistance by phone at (740) 593-4000.

Lactation Room (quiet place for mom and baby)
3rd Floor down Administrative Offices wing





Media and Technology

Free local newspaper and publications are available at stands under the escalator on the First Floor and outside The Front Room on the Fourth Floor.

Posters, Pamphlets and Handbills
Available at stands and accompanying bulletin boards under the escalator on the First Floor, outside The Front Room on the Fourth Floor and outside the Student Government wing on the Third Floor.

Bobcat Depot
Your one stop shop for Bobcat apparel, textbooks, and computers/software/tech accessories.
First Floor, (740) 597-DEPO

Public televisions are available in the lounge behind the Guest Services desk and in the Billiards area on the 1st Floor.

Wireless Access (WiFi)
University account holders can access a wireless internet connection throughout the building. Guests of the University will need a guest account, which can be provided by the Office of Information Technology.






Recycling containers are located throughout the building and are equipped to collect paper, plastic, glass, cans and compost. This service is managed by the Office of Recycling and Refuse.





Study Space

Honors Collegium
4th Floor, a quiet lounge off the College Green entrance to the building, this space honors academic achievement and scholastic excellence at Ohio University.

Lounges and Atriums
All floors--there are lounges and study space throughout the building



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