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Reparations and Profiling After Ridding of Race

Abolhassan Sadighi, Villanova University

“Reparations and Profiling After Ridding of Race” by Abolhassan Sadighi deals with the concept of race primarily in America, the nation that most propelled the need for race’s creation and continual usage, and first examines the history of race, determining it to be a social construct with no biological merit. While the morality of the creation and usage, as well as their resulting perceptions and problems, are discussed, the focus is on reparations and racial profiling. Reparations, particularly certain types of affirmative action in this case, are determined to be fair as long as they parallel the systematic removal of race as an active conscious and subconscious social determinant. Racial profiling is determined to be immoral, not because of the racial aspect but because of the use of profiling in general that is immoral across the board. Since America catapulted the concept of race as a justification for its past injustices, Natural Rights views prove the points made and show how any other theories or views would only continue the “American Paradox” that has negatively affected too many people for too long.


Philosophy and Race

Charles Mills
November 18th, 1998

Public lecture by Charles Mills (University of Illinois-Chicago), cosponsored with the OU Political Science & the OU African-American Studies