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The Truth on the Morality of Lying

Jessica Kapusta, Mercyhurst College

This paper deals with the kind of lying that every individual commits every day — the “little white lie.” Since there is very little material on this subject, I conducted some research of my own, asking about 15 subjects to define lying for me and to list any circumstance in which they felt lying would be necessary. I then asked them not to lie for three consecutive days and to record their thoughts and feelings. Based on my results and on the work of David Nyberd and Sissela Bok, I conclude that lying as an unavoidable part of human nature.


Is Honesty the Best Policy?

Jon Dorbolo
Oregon State University
May 6th, 2004, 3:00 to 5:00 pm
Stocker 192

oath1sAmerican culture certainly does not act as though honesty were the best policy. Whistle blowers and dissenting voices are routinely punished, while deceivers frequently thrive. It is even questionable whether complete honesty is possible given current social conditions. Yet, when viewed as a goal rather than a trait, complete and radical honesty is a genuine live human option. Is the honest option desirable? What does it require? This seminar will investigate the nature and values of honesty and various forms of dishonesty; such as lying, self-deception, and plagiarism.

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