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The place of Religious Arguments in a Free and Democratic Society

Robert Audi
October 3rd, 1992

Public lecture by Robert Audi (University of Nebraska)

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The Implications of Blogs for Democracy in the Arab World

Ali Mohamed, McGill University

The blog phenomenon in the Arab world has not yet ripened to the point that its effects can be accurately judged. Until now, Arab blogs have not received much attention from communication researchers or professionals. However, from the evidence that seems to be accumulating, I argue that the positive impact of the Internet and weblogs in the Arab world may be predominantly seen in the way in which they mediate the flow of news and information. I believe that blogs will revolutionize the Arab world, as they continue to turn up the pressure on Arab governments to come to terms with the winds of change that have started to blow through the Arab World.

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Media & Democracy

Virginia Held
March 14th, 1997

What follows is a summary of a presentation given at Ohio University by Dr. Held. A videotape of the presentation is available. Please write to the Institute for details.

The communications media have achieved a heretofore unknown authority and status. The “media society” in which we live possesses an unsurpassed potential for democracy and democratic discourse, but the near monopolization of the media by commercial interests limits discussion and prevents the development of this potential. Realizing the democratic potential of a media society may require the establishment of not-for-profit media outlets and/or appropriate government regulation.

Despite current rhetoric, new technologies such as the internet offer no real remedy. On the contrary, like television, they appear to lead to increased isolation and decreased public participation in civic life.

Is there hope for reversing the trend to ever greater commercialization of the news? Critical attitudes and resistance to commercialization appear to be on the rise among audiences. Such attitudes should be promoted.

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Democracy and Environmental Justice in Nigeria

Owens Wiwa (human rights activist)
April 22nd, 1997

Public lecture by human rights activist Owens Wiwa

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