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Capital Punishment

Julie King, University of Akron

Any time a person is killed their right to life has been violated. But how far will our society go to make sure that justice is paid to the killer? Some people believe that by executing the killer, the problem is being solved. By allowing the murderer to be executed, we are really letting violence run it’s course in our legal system and in our society. It is possible to find a punishment proportional to the crime without requiring execution. It is an excessive step that could be eliminated from our justice system. Evidence will show that the death penalty is not the best punishment to fit the crime of murder. Abolishing the death penalty would give people more respect for the human life and human dignity. It would also reinforce to society the message that only defensive violence is justifiable. There are other ways in which a murderer can be punished rather than by losing their life.


Law, Ethics, and Capital Punishment

Brian Stevenson
October 23rd, 1992

Public lecture by Brian Stevenson