Professional Ethics in a Diverse Learning and Working Environment

by Costas Vassiliadis

Fact: The diversity impacts on Engineering and particularly Computer Engineering continue to grow and therefore, increase the strength of our schools and corporations.

The proposed module will be presented to a group of national and international students who take a 3-course sequence on the Enabling Computer Technology of the OnLine World.

There are three major issues to be covered in the module:

  1. Studying in a Diverse Multicultural Environment
    • What may be considering cheating in various cultures and why?
    • Once in a host country, learn, respect and practice the local laws.
  2. Working in a Diverse Multicultural Environment:
    • Comparing cultures, attitudes and codes of conduct.
    • Professional ethics in Asia (China, India, etc.)
    • Professional Ethics in the Hosting Country.
  3. How are Ethics get distorted on the OnLine World.
    • Plagiarism,
    • Piracy,
    • Privacy (cookies, tracking devices, spamming)
    • Web Publishing,
    • Intellectual Property-Copyright.

Learning Outcomes: Students have already been exposed to engineering ethics through earlier undergraduate courses therefore, the primary focus of this module will not be on improving their ability to make moral and better decisions. With this module, students are expected to learn how to deal with co-workers whose ethics code is different than theirs.

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