Workshop: Blogging Ethics

April 7, 4:15 – 6:15pm
Scripps 107

This workshop addresses ethical issues arising from the practice of blogging. The focus here is more theoretical than applied.

Moderator: Mark Deuze

Student papers to be presented and discussed in the workshop are:

A Model of Creditability Development in Political Blogs, Colin Lingle, University of Colorado
Abstract not available

Blogging and Critical Publicity, Damien Pfister, University of Pittsburgh
Abstract not available

Ethical Considerations in Blogging, Kim Smith & Bryan Murley, University of South Carolina
A census of 100 authors of the most visited current-events blogs provided a snapshot of bloggers’ opinions about their role in a democracy, journalism and ethics during the tumultuous 2004 presidential election. Among the findings: forty-nine bloggers (90.7 percent) said they played an important role in political change; 51 bloggers (92.6 percent) said it was important that they fact-checked the traditional news media.

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