Ethical Considerations in Online Journalism

April 8, 4:15 – 6:15pm
Scripps 107

Moderator: Bob Benz
This workshop addresses ethical concerns in online media other than blogging (or not exclusive to blogging).

Student papers to be presented and discussed in the workshop are:

It’s About What Your School Can Do for You, Susanne Goericke, University of Kansas
Abstract pending

Sketches of a Sociological Inquiry into Blogging Ethics, Christopher Anderson, Columbia University
Largely lost amidst the debate about whether bloggers need an ethics code and, if so, what it should be, is the more sociological question of why “ethics codes” and occupational norms emerge in the first place. It is in helping to articulate and analyze this question, Anderson argues, that scholars can productively contribute towards our understanding this rapidly growing world of online media.

Blogging Practice, Serena Carpenter, Michigan State University
Abstract pending

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