Public Reading: Thomas Lynch

November 2nd, 2001, 2:00 to 3:00 pm
Alden Library 319
Public Reading

Thomas Lynch is an award-winninng poet and essayist, undertaker and humorist and possibly the most celebrated funeral director in the US.

He is the author of three collections of poems (Skating with Heather Grace, Grimalkin & Other Poems, and Still Life in Milford), and two books of essays. The Undertaking, won an American Book Award and Bodies at Motion and Rest is a further exploration of what Lynch desrcibes as the “litarary and mortuary arts.”

This event cosponsored with Ohio University Libraries, LIVE at the Library, Appalachian Community Hospice, Friends of the Libraries of Ohio University, Ohio University College of Ostoepathic Medicine, and Athens County Library Services

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