America at a Crossroads: Morality & American Foreign Policy in the 21st Century

crossroads_3Part Three: American Involvement in the Global Community in the 21st Century
November 1st, 2001, 7:30 to 9:30 pm
Computer Science Center 121B

Panel Discussion

  • Ken Freed, Journalism
  • Al Eckes, History
  • Tom Walker, Political Science
  • Elizabeth Collins, Philosophy

Summaries of Presentations

Ken Freed: I focus on the difficulties for a journalist covering globalization and its ramifications. Most of the problems arise out of an emotionalism that has led to misinformation, disinformation and a climate so filled with mistrust and lies that covering the subject is like crossing a minefield for journalists.

As examples, I will look briefly at my experiences in Argentina, Canada and Haiti in hopes of exposing the strengths and weaknesses of the debate over globalization.

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