Gender and Equity in Sports

Panel discussion
April 26th, 2000
Irvine 194

  • Peggy Pruitt, Associate Director Internal Affairs
  • Statistical overview of Ohio University’s compliance with gender equity goals as compared to other colleges and universities.
  • Heather Fueger, Women’s Golf Captain, Member Student-Athlete Advisory Committee
  • Student’s view of current gender equity situation at Ohio University.
  • Mark Holowchak, visiting assistant professor, Philosophy

sports_genderFrom its inception, sports has functioned as a war game. Since war was the domain of men, sports — at least “real” sports — was an male-only activity, for the most part. The intrusion of women into an area central to the definition of male character threatens men who derive their self-image from sports and sport-like activities. Gender equity will not be achieved until sports is freed from its role as a crutch for the insecure self-image of the macho.
Anne Flannery, Pupule Sports, formerly director of marketing for Spalding Worldwide’s Women’s Sports
Review of gender equity development from the 1980s to 2000, as seen through the eyes of a central participant. The development of the WNBA and women’s sports marketing. Prospects for the future.

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