Power Plays: diversity, ethics, and the workplace: Bridging the Diversity Gap

Bridging the Diversity Gap project
October 12th, 1999
Morton Hall 223

powerplayPOWER PLAYS is the story of a group of students whose winter term job turns sour when they decide they’re being discriminated against.

How the students respond to the situation and what happens in the end depends on advice provided by audience members during the course of the production.

The audience interaction looks at:

  • how real/perceived diversity issues play a role in the job interviewing process and the workplace; and
  • how to deal with the ethical dilemmas this potential/real discrimination creates.

The October 12 performance, part of Career Week 1999, was a production of the “Bridging the Diversity Gap” interactive theater troupe. This production was cosponsored by the Office of Career Development.

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