Is Bombing Iraq Justified?

OU faculty & John Petrik (USAR)
February 26th, 1998

Introductory Remarks
Julie White, OU Department of Political Science

International Peace as Justification for War
Martino Traxler, OU Department of Philosophy

Just-War Theory
Christopher Zurn, OU Department of Philosophy

Jus in bello and Weapons of Mass Destruction
John Petrik, USAR Major, former West Point Ethicist

Stereotyping of Muslims and Middle Easterners
Sholeh Quinn, Department of History

Why the Middle East Supports Bombing in 1991 but not 1998
Abdulbaset Abdulla, OU Muslim Student Association

What is Driving U.S. Foreign Policy Toward Iraq?
Harold Molineau, OU Department of Political Science

Why Bombing is not an Option for the Administration Today
Chester Pach, OU Contemporary History Institute

Audience response

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