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Ethics and Entertainment-Education

William Baker & OU faculty
May 10th, 1997

Panel discussion, featuring independent film maker and OU faculty


Political Ethics

Panel discussion
Ohio University faculty
May 27th, 1997

Ethics and Animal Agriculture

Gene Bauston & David White
May 28th, 1997

Gene Bauston of Farm Sanctuary debates David White of the Ohio Livestock Coalition.


Press and the Paparazzi

Panel discussion
Ohio University Faculty,
October 8, 1997

Introductory Remarks
Arthur Zucker, OU Department of Philosophy

Privacy and the Paparazzi
Donald Borchert, OU Department of Philosophy

No New Legislation Needed
Tom Hodges, E. W. Scripps School of Journalism

New Legislation Needed
Sandra Haggerty, E. W. Scripps School of Journalism

Where Paparazzi Come From
Gary Kirksey, Ohio University School for Visual Communications

A Photojournalist’s View of the Paparazzi
Marcy Nighswander, Ohio University School for Visual Communication

Discussion & questions

Addiction: Unreasonable Wants and the Taste of Pleasure

Kent Berridge
October 24th, 1997

Public lecture by Kent Berridge (University of Michigan)


How to rebuild our country so the politics aren't broken and the politicians aren't fixed

Sam Smith
November 12th, 1997

Public lecture by Sam Smith (Activist and Journalist), based on his book: Sam Smith’s Great American Political Repair Manual: How to rebuild our country so the politics aren’t broken and politicians aren’t fixed!


One Hundred Years of Psychoanalytic Theory

Adolf Grünbaum (University of Pittsburgh)
November 14th, 1997

Public lecture by Adolf Grünbaum, cosponsored with Philosophy Dept. and Spetnagel Philosophy Fund as part of the Philosophy of Science series


Building Ethics Modules into Courses

Arthur Zucker, Don Borchard, Rick Milter (Ohio University)
1997 December 1st, 12:00 to December 2nd, 12:00 pm

Offered periodically, Building Ethics Modules is a two-day workshop designed to help Ohio University instructors include ethics components in their classes. The workshop focuses on the development and implementation of ethics modules tailored to the field and subject matter covered in individual courses.

About 90 Ohio University faculty members have participated in the institute’s Building Ethics Modules workshops since the first workshop, in 1990. Participants have come from a wide variety of disciplines, ranging from industrial engineering to dance. Some have incorporated ethics into existing classes, while others have created new courses focussing on ethics.