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All the Religion that's Fit to Print

Columbia School of Journalism
April 24th, 1996

Public lecture by representatives of the Columbia School of Journalism (cosponsored)

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Beyond Beijing: Human Rights and Political/Economic Crisis in Our Times

Charlotte Bunch
April 5th, 1996

Public lecture by Charlotte Bunch, (Douglass College/Rutgers University) (cosponsored)


Ethics in the Information Age

Patrick Sullivan
April 2nd, 1996

Public lecture by Patrick Sullivan

Shaping Cyberspace into Social Space: Building a Virtual University

Linda Harasim
April 16th, 1996

Public lecture by Linda Harasim (Simon Fraser University)

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Abortion & Birth Control in the U.S.: 1800-1965

Jon Erlen
May 3rd, 1996

Public lecture by Jon Erlen (University of Pittsburgh)

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Putting Values into Action

Ann Whelehan
May 7th, 1996

Public lecture by Ann Whelehan


Making Ethics Part of the Fabric

Bill Giffin
May 12th, 1996

Public lecture by Bill Giffin (Sears, Roebuck, and Company)

Science Meets Art: Geological Investigations in the Royal Library, Windsor

Andrew Scott (University of London)
November 8th, 1996

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