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2006 Student Conference Schedule

Friday, April 7:

  • Keynote Address: “We the Media,” Dan Gillmor (11:00 am 12:30 pm, Scripps Auditorium)
  • Panel: Ethics & Blogging (2:00 4:00 pm, Scripps Auditorium)
    • Interactivity and Prioritizing the Human: A Code of Blogging Ethics, Martin Kuhn, University of North Carolina
    • Privacy and Accountability in Blogging, Fernanda Viegas, MIT MediaLab
    • Rhetoric of Political Bloggers, Jan Boyles, University of West Virginia
    • Blogging Investigative Reporting: The Videoblog, Sandeep Junnarker, Columbia University
  • Workshop: Blogging Ethics (4:15 6:15 pm, Scripps 107)
    • A Model of Creditability Development in Political Blogs, Colin Lingle, University of Colorado
    • Blogging and Critical Publicity, Damien Pfister, University of Pittsburgh
    • Ethical Considerations in Blogging, Kim Smith & Bryan Murley, University of South Carolina
  • Guest Presentation: “Blogging from a War Zone,” Major Robert Bateman (8 9:30 pm, Bentley 140)

Saturday, April 8:

  • Workshop: Blogging Practice (9:00 11:00 am, Scripps 107)
    • Branding Credibility: Blogging Ethics from the Consumers’ Perspective, Steve Siff, Ohio University
    • Can Blogging be More than Punditry and Emotional Rhetoric?, Karen Mishra, University of North Carolina
    • The Implications of Blogs for Democracy in the Arab World, Ali Mohamed, McGill University
  • Keynote Address: “Media Ethics in a Digital Age,” Clifford Christians, University of Illinois at Urbana-Campaign (11:00 am 12:30 pm, Scripps Auditorium)
  • Panel: Ethics & Online Media (2:00 4:00 pm, Scripps Auditorium)
    • Typology of Online Journalism, Mark Deuze, Indiana University
    • Reality Constraints of Online Journalism, Bob Benz, Scripps Company
    • Online Journalism Ethics, Bernhard Debatin, Ohio University
  • Workshop: Online Journalism Ethics (4:15 – 6:15 pm, Scripps 107)
    • It’s About What Your School Can Do for You, Susanne Goericke, University of Kansas
    • Sketches of a Sociological Inquiry into Blogging Ethics, Christopher Anderson, Columbia University
    • Blogging Practice, Serena Carpenter, Michigan State University

Conference Overview

In April 2006 the Ohio University Institute for Applied and Professional Ethics and the E. W. Scripps School of Journalism will host Blogging and Online Journalism: New Media, New Challenges, New Ethics (BOJ).

BOJ will provide an opportunity for a small group of select students to join forces with leading figures in journalism and media ethics for an intimate, in-depth exploration of one of the most interesting and dynamic areas in applied ethics.

Half conference and half workshop, BOJ is split into two sections. Each includes an introductory public lecture (see keynotes on left), a public discussion of topic by a panel of experts (see panels on left), and student workshops (see workshops on left). During the workshops, student participants will present original work for discussion by their peers and by the invited panelists.

Details on BOJ speakers and participants and on their topics are available in the STUDENT CONFERENCE menu to the left.