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Sketches of a Sociological Inquiry into Blogging Ethics

Chris Anderson, Columbia University

chris_andersonLargely lost amidst the debate about whether bloggers need an ethics code and, if so, what it should be, is the more sociological question of why “ethics codes” and occupational norms emerge in the first place. It is in helping to articulate and analyze this question, Anderson argues, that scholars can productively contribute towards our understanding this rapidly growing world of online media.

Chris Anderson is a PhD student at the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism. His research focuses on the various forms of grassroots journalism and the changes within the journalistic profession being wrought by theese new media forms. Currently, he is developing a theoretical framework for analyzing challenges to the epistemological claims of professional journalists. Anderson serves as a senior editor for the New York City Independent Media Center website (, one of the earliest examples of a grassroots journalism project in the United States. He also serves on the editorial board of the Indypendent, a biweekly progressive newspaper in New York City

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Your Personal News Wire: The RSS Reader and Its Implications On News Organizations

Serena Carpenter, Michigan State University

Aggregators and readers may have serious implications on the future of journalism. The advent of the “Daily Me”, as Negroponte coined it, may have serious implications for news organizations.

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It's About What Your School Can Do for You

Susanne Göricke, University of Kansas

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