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Process for Seeking Accommodations 


The request for a reasonable accommodation as an employee at Ohio University may be initiated by the employee at any time. The request may be directed to a supervisor or the Office for Institutional Equity (OIE); however, it is OIE that will facilitate the process. To register with OIE, please submit the Faculty & Staff Reasonable Accommodation (ADA) Intake Form either by fax, email, or mail. OIE will review the disability documentation to determine that an employee meets the definition of an individual with a disability.

Once an individual is qualified to receive accommodations, the process will require coordination with the employee and supervisor to identify potential accommodations that will not interfere with the essential functions of the job. 

Some important points to know about seeking an accommodation are:

  • Accommodations can only be implemented from the time of the request forward
  • Determination of need for accommodation cannot undo previous consequences of poor work performance
  • All employees must be able to complete the essential functions of their position
  • Determination of reasonable accommodations is dependent upon the specific limitations of the individual’s disability and the specific functions of the job
  • Information regarding an individual’s disability is considered confidential under the ADA

In order to determine eligibility, most employees will be required to have a qualified healthcare practitioner complete the Medical Inquiry Form.