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Current Training Programs

Equal Opportunity Programs:

The office of Equity and Civil Rights Compliance offers  training  that is designed to support the university’s commitment to establish a campus community that is inclusive and accessible to all abilities. Please contact us to request training at: equity@ohio.edu.



The Office of Equity and Civil Rights Compliance (ECRC) offers programs upon request about maintaining compliance with non-discrimination and harassment-free environment policies, including the sexual misconduct policy and issues of consent. In addition, programs cover reporting responsibilities of Ohio University community members (faculty, staff, students, and volunteers). Please contact ECRC for information or to schedule training for your area. Use our website to find more information:  http://www.ohio.edu/equity-civil-rights/index.cfm


Education and Awareness Programs:
  • Not Anymore : Not Anymore is an online program which educates students about consent and bystander intervention as well as the realities of sexual assault, dating/domestic violence, and stalking on college campuses. It is mandatory for all incoming OHIO students. (Ohio University Survivor Advocacy Program http://www.ohio.edu/survivor/notanymore/index.cfm )
  • AlcoholEdu and Haven : Alcohol Edu/Haven, are online alcohol education and sexual violence harm-reduction courses. Both are mandatory for all first-year students at Ohio University. Haven provides specific definitions pertaining to sexual misconduct. Alcohol Edu incorporates evidence-based methods to empower students to make well-informed decisions that will contribute to a safe campus environment for everyone. (Campus Involvement Center http://www.ohio.edu/involvement/healthpromotion/alcohol/alcohol_edu.cfm )
  • Sexual Assault Prevention and Sexual Health Programs by Campus Involvement Center (CIC) : professional staff members of the CIC offer programs on sexual assault, stalking, healthy masculinity, alcohol and high risk drinking, healthy relationships, sexual communication, and relationship violence for residence halls, organizations, and classes ( http://www.ohio.edu/involvement/healthpromotion/workshops.cfm )
  • Sexual Assault Prevention and Sexual Health Peer Education Programs by POWER/Gamma : Offering programs on sexual assault, stalking, healthy masculinity, alcohol and high risk drinking, healthy relationships, sexual communication, and relationship violence. (Campus Involvement Center http://www.ohio.edu/involvement/healthpromotion/orgs.cfm )


Bystander Intervention Programs
  • CHOICES program : CHOICES is an interactive journaling program that is used within the Greek Community and with first-year student athletes. (Campus Involvement Center http://www.ohio.edu/involvement/healthpromotion/choices.cfm )
  • Better Bystanders : Better Bystanders’ mission is to provide education for Ohio University students, faculty, and staff, as well as Athens community members, about the principles and applications of bystander intervention. (Campus Involvement Center and Student Organization http://www.ohio.edu/orgs/bystander/index.cfm )
  • Bystander Intervention Presentations : While Ohio University has not implemented full-scale integration of the nationally recognized GreenDot Bystander Intervention Program, certified trainers on campus offer 30 minute to 3 hour sessions upon request and based upon the GreenDot curriculum. Contact Char Kopchick ( kopchicc@ohio.edu ) for more information or to schedule a presentation.


Risk Reduction
  • Rape Aggression Defense Systems : The Ohio University Police Department offers the RAD class to all women of the Ohio University community. The RAD System is a comprehensive course for women that begins with awareness, prevention, risk reduction, and avoidance, while progressing on to the basics of hands-on defense training. (Ohio University Police Department http://www.ohio.edu/police/tips/rad.cfm )