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Presidential Advisory Council on Disability and Accessibility PROMOTION


PACDAP serves as the steering committee providing guidance and direction for the implementation of the priorities and goals outlined in the Ohio University Disability Strategic Plan for Inclusion and Accessibility (Word document ). Now in its third year of implementation, the Strategic Plan provides a vision for 2014-2023. Membership is appointed by the President and represents both functional areas and persons who understand disability impact.


To oversee the forward movement of the Disability Strategic Plan, including:

  • Determining the approach for addressing priorities
  • Ensuring alignment to compliance priorities and advancing accountability
  • Coordinating information on the Plan
  • Communicating actions and information
  • Making revisions or updates to the Plan
  • Advancing a culture of inclusivity
  • Fostering a process-driven commitment to accessibility 


Guiding Principles

  • Everyone will be able to access and participate in our programs, services and facilities
  • Ohio University aspires to move beyond compliance to collective responsibility for inclusion and accessibility.
  • The University will consider accessibility when making decisions about changes at the local and institutional level.
  • As a university community, we want to eliminate barriers in a deeply structural way.
  • Change will be long-lasting and coordinated across campuses.



  • Colleen Bendl, Chief Human Resources Officer, University Human Resources
  • Dianne Bouvier, Director for Equal Opportunity and Accessibility, ADA/504 Coordinator, Office of University Equity and Civil Rights Compliance; chair
  • LuAnn Bowman, Chief Operating Officer, Russ College of Engineering & Technology
  • Carey Busch, Assistant Dean, Student Accessibility
  • Brad Cohen, Senior Vice Provost for Instructional Innovation
  • Carolyn Lewis, Instructor; Director and General Manager Emerita, WOUB Center for Public Media, Scripps College of Communication
  • Greg Robertson, Vice President, Architecture, Design & Construction
  • JW Smith, Assoc. Professor, School of Communication Studies, Scripps College of Communication
  • Zachary Reizes, Student Government Representative

As part of its implementation, PACDAP has appointed its 2017–18 Accessibility Liaisons.