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In January 2014 Ohio University and the City of Athens entered into a Memorandum of Understanding, which was updated in November of 2016. The University and City enjoy many partnerships; the focus of this Disability Memorandum of Understanding is to work collaboratively to remove barriers for persons living in the City of Athens.

The Scope of Agreed Collaboration includes the following:

  • Serve as a consultative resource on accessibility aspects of new building and renovation projects as requested by the University and City planners

  • Review mechanisms for reporting accessibility barrier issues and provide recommendations for improvement to appropriate Ohio University or City of Athens officials

  • Identify collaborative opportunities to raise awareness and eliminate barriers, obstacles, and limitations experienced by persons living with disabilities

  • Provide recommendations for educating and disseminating information around disaster preparedness to persons living with disabilities

  • Provide annual reports to the President of Ohio University for PACDAP and to the City of Athens Mayor for the City of Athens Commission on Disabilities which include joint activities in the groups’ individual reports

The Accessibility Liaisons serve through the MOU as the liaisons to the City Commission.