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University Resources for IT Accessibility

Information Technology Accessibility University Resources

The following Ohio University offices have roles to support the implementation of the Information Technology Accessibility Policy 04.001.

  1. Office of University Equity and Civil Rights Compliance

Oversight for monitoring institutional compliance with information technology accessibility and coordinating efforts to attain compliance will belong to the Office of University Equity and Civil Rights Compliance (ECRC). If issues of non-compliance arise, persons are asked to contact ECRC.

  1. Office of Information Technology

The Office of Information Technology is responsible for identifying, implementing, maintaining, and renewing university-wide accessible information systems, including but not limited to web presence, academic support systems, administrative information infrastructure; and to ensure accessibility for students, staff, and public users.

OIT is available to consult with units about the standards described in this policy. These services include resources to help departments work with vendors to assess new software purchases for accessibility, training on how to make technology accessible, and consultation about processes for regularly monitoring information technology for accessibility.
  1. Office of Instructional Innovation

The Office of Instructional Innovation offers services and expertise in support of the creation of accessible learning environments. Instructional Innovation offers consultative support as well as training to help faculty and academic units plan for and develop more accessible course materials; production services to help build accessible and inclusive learning environments in the university's course management system; and resources to help faculty evaluate the accessibility of their learning environments.

  1. University departments and planning units

All university departments and planning units are responsible for providing and periodically reviewing their information technology for accessibility. Any unit choosing to utilize a system independent from what is offered university-wide is responsible for meeting the standards for accessibility outlined in this policy.

  1. Purchasing Department

As part of the approval process, Purchasing will initiate a review though OIT to evaluate new software, hardware, and information technology-related services for accessibility. During Phase I of implementing this policy, "high risk" purchases (information technology hardware, software or third-party vendor products used by 50 or more students and/or the public) will be reviewed for accessibility. If the product does not demonstrate 90% accessibility, then the department may seek a new product or request an exception as available through the policy.