Ohio University

Fashion Pitch Competition

On October 15, 2018, the Center for Entrepreneurship and Indie Source co-founders – Zack Hurley and Jesse Dombrowiak – announced a challenge to Ohio University students. Pitch us an exciting new fashion concept and we’ll award the best pitch $1,000! And if it’s REALLY great, who knows what else we’ll do?

Here’s how you enter:

  1. Enter all of the names and email addresses for members of your team (limit 6)
  2. Upload a 1-2 page Executive Summary of your concept (.pdf or .doc). At minimum, that Executive Summary should include a description of the product(s) and its value proposition(s) / aesthetic, your target customers, your plan to reach those target customers, and some sense for how you do it and what success can look like (how big can it be? How much money can you make?)
  3. Upload a pitch video up to 3 minutes long on YouTube. What you do in those 3 minutes is up to you. Some suggestions might be… Get our attention. Make us care. Bring your concept to life. Bring your energy and passion for it. It’s infectious. Know your stuff. You can upload your video as public or unlisted on YouTube. That’s your choice. Enter the link to your video here.

Eligibility: This challenge is open to ALL students at Ohio University

Fashion defined: For this challenge, we define “fashion” broadly to include apparel, accessories, or a service or store in the fashion industry.

Deadline: Submissions are due by 5pm on Friday, November 30

Winners will be announced during Finals Week (December 10-14)