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Faculty and Staff Leadership/Service Award Criteria

The purpose of this award is to recognize extraordinary and exemplary leadership and/or service by any faculty or staff member of the Russ College.


  1. The Russ College of Engineering & Technology Leadership/Service Award is to be awarded by the Russ college's Board of Visitors (BOV) and sponsored by the Robe Leadership Institute (RLI) and is to be known as the Russ College Board of Visitors – Robe Leadership Institute Leadership/Service Award.

  2. The award is to recognize extraordinary and exemplary leadership and/or service by any faculty or staff member of the Russ College. Visiting, part-time, and retired faculty and staff shall be eligible. The award shall only be granted when the candidate has made a fundamental and long-term positive impact on the life of the College/the University/the professions represented in the College and/or the community. Furthermore, the award is not for individual achievement but is to recognize someone for working with and through other people for the long-term benefit of a department, the College, the University, and/or the profession and the community as a whole.

  3. As stated above, all faculty and staff of the Russ college are eligible, however, for the first three years of the award, the members of the RLI Advisory Board shall be ineligible for the award in order to avoid any appearance of conflict-of-interest. If, after this initial three-year period an advisory board member is to be considered, he/she shall be excused from the deliberations on the candidates. In addition, the incumbent Dean of the College shall be ineligible for the first five years of his/her tenure.

  4. The award shall only be given when it is uniquely deserved and shall only be given when leadership and/or service has been exhibited which is clearly "above and beyond" one's normal duties and responsibilities. Furthermore, there should be no expectation that the award will be given annually. Accordingly, there could be several years between awards or there might be multiple awards in one year.


  1. The RLI Advisory Board (RLIAB) shall solicit nominations for this award from time to time and shall be proactive in trying to identify persons in the College who may be deserving of it. Nominations may come from anyone and must be supported with the necessary narrative and facts.

  2. The RLIAB shall annually, but no later than the Winter Quarter of each year, review all nominations and decide whether to recommend and then to forward a name to the Russ College BOV for final consideration and selection.

  3. The Russ College BOV shall review the case for this award as forwarded by the RLIAB and then decide whether to endorse and grant the award at the College's Annual Spring Banquet.

  4. The award shall be presented by the Chair (or his/her representative) of the Russ College's BOV at the College's Annual Spring Banquet.

  5. The amount of the award shall be $2,000 and shall be increased from time to time as appropriate.

  6. A plaque with the names of the recipients of this award shall be displayed in Stocker Center.


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