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Robe Leadership Institute Outstanding Senior Leadership Awards

Each year, the institute recognizes outstanding senior students in each Russ College department for the Outstanding Senior Leadership Award. Past recipients include:


  • Civil Engineering: Grace Sallar
  • Engineering Technology and Management: Mikayla Burton
  • Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering: Scott Eardley
  • Electrical Engineering and Computer Science: Adam Naab-Levy
  • Industrial and Systems Engineering: Joseph Schilling
  • Mechanical Engineering: Adam Barber


  • Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering: Abbey Hackenberg
  • Civil Engineering: Justin Wiseman
  • Electrical Engineering and Computer Science: Thomas Irwin
  • Industrial and Systems Engineering: Marie Minnich
  • Industrial Technology: Chris Eisenacher
  • Mechanical Engineering: John Charlton


  • Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering: Andrew Szink
  • Civil Engineering: Derek Kaverman
  • Electrical Engineering and Computer Science: Sonja P. Abbey
  • Industrial and Systems Engineering: Anthony Sweetnich
  • Industrial Technology: Keith Dillon
  • Mechanical Engineering: Michael DiBenedetto


  • Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering: Suzanne Chorba
  • Civil Engineering: Johnathon Cozad
  • Electrical Engineering and Computer Science: Christopher Sustersic
  • Industrial and Systems Engineering: Kellie Chambers
  • Industrial Technology: Michael Baumann
  • Mechanical Engineering: David Jones


  • Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering: Cody Tuttle
  • Civil Engineering: Drew Hatton
  • Electrical Engineering and Computer Science: Megan Schneider
  • Industrial and Systems Engineering: Gregory Smith
  • Industrial Technology: Bryan Scheffel
  • Mechanical Engineering: Jared Leininger


  • Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering: Kate Cardwell
  • Civil Engineering: April Barnes
  • Electrical Engineering and Computer Science: Carolyn Salisbury
  • Industrial & Systems Engineering: Andrea Kors
  • Industrial Technology: Kyle Michalek
  • Mechanical Engineering: Damon Givens


  • Chemical Engineering: Kimberly Frye
  • Civil Engineering: Jibril Shehu
  • Electrical Engineering and Computer Science: Don Venable
  • Industrial and Systems Engineering: Sadie Roth
  • Industrial Technology: Nicolas Lamb
  • Mechanical Engineering: Thomas Moehring


  • Chemical Engineering: Elizabeth Cellar
  • Civil Engineering: David Fishel
  • Electrical Engineering and Computer Science: Amy Scheithauer
  • Industrial and Systems Engineering: David Rytzarev
  • Industrial Technology: Steve Belknap
  • Mechanical Engineering: Craig Berman


  • Chemical Engineering: Alexia Finotello
  • Civil Engineering: Deanna Davis
  • Electrical Engineering and Computer Science: Corey Shafer
  • Industrial and Systems Engineering: Brian Dudis
  • Industrial Technology: Joshua Huth
  • Mechanical Engineering: Jesse Edwards


  • Chemical Engineering: Meghan D. Doak
  • Civil Engineering: Jill A. Morrison
  • Electrical Engineering and Computer Science: Eileen M. Saenz
  • Industrial and Systems Engineering: R. Brad Wilson
  • Industrial Technology: Jonathan M. Dailey
  • Mechanical Engineering: Ariel K. C. Harter


  • Chemical Engineering: April D. Frye
  • Civil Engineering: Angela G. Harrigal
  • Electrical Engineering and Computer Science: Ryan J. Sabala
  • Industrial and Systems Engineering: Jessica D. Zann
  • Industrial Technology: Timothy D. Smith
  • Mechanical Engineering: Matthew G. Good


  • Chemical Engineering: Lee A. Smith
  • Civil Engineering: Lisa M. Sargent
  • Electrical Engineering and Computer Science: Curtis A. Cutright
  • Industrial and Systems Engineering: Bradley K. Hollingsworth
  • Industrial Technology: Catherine D. Baker
  • Mechanical Engineering: Stephen D. Fening


  • Chemical Engineering: Elizabeth A. Weber
  • Civil Engineering: Michael J. Goff
  • Electrical Engineering and Computer Science: Todd Beekman
  • Industrial and Systems Engineering: Jessica Rosenberger
  • Industrial Technology: Thomas B. Biggs
  • Mechanical Engineering: Mark A. Gasper


  • Chemical Engineering: Behrooz Rahaii
  • Civil Engineering: Holly A Carter
  • Electrical Engineering and Computer Science: Edward A. Bach-Davis
  • Industrial and Systems Engineering: Julie E. Holton
  • Industrial Technology: Anthony B. Sablar
  • Mechanical Engineering: Douglas R. Otto


  • Chemical Engineering: Carissa Murray
  • Civil Engineering: Julie Kocsis
  • Electrical Engineering and Computer Science: Renee Ball
  • Industrial and Systems Engineering: Robert Willy
  • Industrial Technology: Christopher Bollinger
  • Mechanical Engineering: Jeffery Mallory


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