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Innovation is second nature to the work as ORITE works toward developing modern infrastructure and environmental solutions. For more information on patents and pending applications credited to ORITE researchers, choose from the list below.

  • Mitchell, Gayle F. and Sargand, Shad M., Exfiltration Apparatus, No. 60/869,308; Filing Date 12/08/2006
  • Su, Yuming, and Mitchell, G.F., U.S. Patent #7,238,281 and #7,527,731; Storm Water Runoff Treatment System
  • Sargand, S. and Mitchell, G. F. Security System for Underground Conduit, No. 14/006,517 9/20/13
  • Walsh, K. K., Resetting Semi-Passive Stiffness Damper and Methods of use Thereof, No. 14469824, 12/14/2013.