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Meet + Greet: Post-Doctoral Researcher Prince Baranwal

 | Oct 14, 2019
Post-doctoral researcher Prince Baranwal

Meet + Greet: Post-Doctoral Researcher Prince Baranwal

Oct 14, 2019

Post-doctoral researcher Prince Baranwal came to the rolling hills of Athens from India to develop ways to control corrosion that adversely affects the oil and gas industry.

Where are you from, and what brought you to Athens?
I’m from the land of diverse culture and a most-populous democracy: India. I came to Athens to pursue postdoctoral research, following my passion for research and building my career in academia.

Where did you prepare for your profession (prior education), and what was most memorable about your experience?
I earned my doctoral degree from the Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati in Assam, India. It’s difficult to reveal the most memorable moment, as my entire doctoral journey was a very memorable and enjoyable one. I discovered my zeal for research and teaching, learned to be more patient, and most significantly understood how important it is to learn from one’s failures and mistakes. Further, the experience involved in organizing an annual institute research fest, “Research Conclave,” in assistance with the professors and students of various departments, was unforgettable.

Was there a moment or time you knew you'd become an engineer?
To be honest, I don’t remember one actually. But with time, eventually, after 10th grade, I started aspiring to become an engineer.

What will you teach and/or research at the Russ College?
I will be doing research relating to the areas of refinery corrosion, and corrosion as related to oil/gas production/transportation, transmission, injection and geologic sequestration.

What would you say is your professional superpower?
Being positive, patient, persistent, and believing in myself, I think, is my professional superpower.

At the Russ College, we "create for good." How will you "create for good" while you're at the Russ College?
I’m working on industry-based projects, trying to provide solutions to the real-time corrosion problems faced mostly in oil refineries.

What's the most fun/weird/zany/cool/exciting/awesome thing about Athens so far? 
The most cool and awesome thing has to be the people of Athens and its natural beauty.

What’s the best local spot you've visited, and why?
Stroud’s Run State Park is one of the best spots. It’s an amazing place to hang around amidst nature, loaded with activities like trails for hiking, beach volleyball and kayaking/boating.

What are some of your hobbies?
Travelling, photography, playing volleyball and badminton.

Name a top book, movie, show, band, travel destination, and say why.
Book – The Alchemist, authored by Paulo Coelho: I found it to be very inspiring and thought-provoking, which made me think that one can achieve anything in life if one works with all his heart towards it. Movie – The Pursuit of Happyness: This movie got everything, encouraging plot, insightful and fascinating screenplay, splendid acting. I loved the message “fight back and never give up in life.” Band – ColdPlay: Their music and songs are just awesome, with my favorite being “Paradise.” Travel Destination – Leh-Ladakh, India: This place is like heaven, very beautiful and exotic.

What are you looking forward to most during your time here at the Russ College?
Learning and performing quality research work to help achieve my dreams, and at the same time, contribute to society.