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Fifth Annual OHIO Faculty Newsmakers Gala Celebrates 16 engineering and technology faculty members

 | Oct 7, 2019
Newsmakers Gala 2019
Photos by: Ben Siegel

Fifth Annual OHIO Faculty Newsmakers Gala Celebrates 16 engineering and technology faculty members

Oct 7, 2019

Photos by: Ben Siegel

Members of the Ohio University community gathered on Thursday to celebrate the hundreds of OHIO faculty who promote the research, expertise and overall excellence of the University through being mentioned in the media. Sixteen faculty members in the Russ College of Engineering and Technology were recognized.

Hosted by University Communications and Marketing (UCM) in partnership with the Office of the Executive Vice President and Provost, the Faculty Newsmakers Gala debuted in the fall of 2015 as a means of honoring Ohio University faculty who elevate the University and raise its national and global profile through media coverage of their work and expertise and, in some cases, participation in OHIO’s Experts Directory.

“Every mention of an Ohio University expert in the news has a direct impact on elevating our reputation,” said Carly Leatherwood, senior director of communication services at UCM who was one of the speakers at the event. “Our celebration this evening is our way of expressing gratitude to you and to every person who plays a role in promoting the great work that happens here.”

This year’s gala celebrated 356 faculty members – representing 10 academic units on the Athens Campus and all five of OHIO’s regional campuses, as well as the academic center in Dublin – who were featured in more than 3,000 media reports during the 2018 calendar year.

The following Russ College faculty members were among OHIO’s 2018 faculty newsmakers: Muhammad Ali, David Bayless, Geradine Botte, Monica Burdick, Yoon-Seok Choi, Amir Farnoud, Dennis Irwin, Dale Masel, Bhaven Naik, Munir Nazzal, Srdjan Nesic, Faiz Rahman, Guy Riefler, Dusan Sormaz, Jason Trembly and Robert Williams.

This year’s event marked the third time Ohio University President M. Duane Nellis attended the event. He congratulated and honored the faculty not only for their expertise but for their top-notch research efforts and innovative ways of preparing students for the world.

“Today we are not just celebrating your quotes in the media, but the overall expertise you bring to your respective fields, and more importantly to your students,” said Nellis. “It’s your dedication to improving our community and world through your vast knowledge in your area of study. The media attention means that you’ve been noticed and sought out for that academic expertise and dedication.”

Joining President Nellis was Ohio University Vice President for Research and Creativity Dr. Joseph Shields, who had the honor of presenting special recognition awards to 18 OHIO faculty newsmakers – the top 10 newsmakers of 2018 who earned the most media placements, as well as those who were quoted in media reports related to the Associated Press’ Top Stories of 2018.

“Our faculty members, 356 of you to be exact, represented Ohio University, showing that we not only provide a world-class education for our students, but we are at the forefront of advancing knowledge, culture, and civic engagement; and we demonstrate our commitment through our actions every day,” said Shields.